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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cutting Health Costs with an Affordable PACS System

Lately, I’m hearing more and more medical offices asking questions and inquiring about the benefits of an
affordable pacs. It’s from mostly the imaging department where questions about PACS radiology are heard like “How can RIS PACS benefit us? or “When is the right time to convert to candelis pacs?”

You won’t have to go very far to get a positive response to these types of questions.
So many imaging departments in the health field are constantly facing challenges of controlling expenses. This is in large part due to the managed care environment of today leading to reducing expenses but also an increase in productivity. Converting from bulky film to clean digital images with an affordable PACS is the best way to increase savings over a long period.

Candelis PACS works by replacing hard copy images and then acts as a means of managing medical images in the archives and storage. The pacs radiology provides on-site and off-site access for doctors and specialists at different physical locations to simultaneously access the same information to make the proper and much thought over diagnosis. From an educational aspect, it’s also a wonderful tool for radiology medical imaging with its tele-education aspects of PCS. No longer do classrooms on medical imaging need to be confined to classrooms.

The decreased turnaround time for a radiology report is probably the best example of the benefits of affordable PACS systems, such as the Candelis Imagegrid. It’s remarkably shorter time helps physicians come to quicker decisions on diagnosis and treatment because of instantaneous display of critical patient information. Candelis PACS can distribute patient radiology information to multiple locations at the click of a button while greatly improving the efficiency of a radiology medical imaging department.

Another potential benefit of an affordable PACS system is in its ability to store, retrieve, transport, display and print medical images throughout an entire hospital. Radiology PACS has never been able to fully integrate itself in every aspect of the health field as it has now. It simply connects to the hospital’s existing computer system.

RIS PACS is the best system out there for the digitizing of patient information. Clinical workstation will not only be used for converting, viewing, retrieving and sending patient images, but also managing important patient data and scheduling.

Any health facility can reach the status of fully digitized through combining Candelis PACS to diagnostic monitors, mammography PACS viewers, PET and CT viewers. PACS radiology is also beneficial for web-based viewers, routers, networks, servers and printers. It is the ultimate in connectivity, cost effectiveness and better patient care for any hospital or doctor’s office.

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