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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

3 Essential Reasons for Omega 3 Fish Oil

The miracles of fish oil have a multifaceted healing power on the body and mind. Research has shown remarkable healing benefits found in what is known as omega 3 fish oil. The following health benefits are more than enough reason for each of us to incorporate omega 3 fish oil supplements into our daily routine for better health maintenance. As the extraordinary benefits of omega 3 fish oil are so vast, it makes narrowing down the most beneficial a bit of a challenge.

1. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA can lessen pain and inflammation due to the positive effect it has on the inflammatory response. The fundamental components found in omega 3 fish oil regulate the body’s inflammation cycle. Through this regulation that the omega 3 fish oil manages to prevent and relieve painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis, cystitis and anything else ending in “itis.”

2. Omega 3 fatty acids are renowned for their ability to improve the inner working of the heart and promote cardiovascular health. The miracle of omega 3 fatty acids does not stop there. It also is proven to work surprisingly well on the miles and miles of arteries and veins that form the cardiovascular system. Omega 3 fatty acids have the power to lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs and blood pressure. In addition to lowering cholesterol the acids can increase good HDL cholesterol. In fact, the increase of good HDL cholesterol adds years to your life expectancy.

3. When it comes to providing protection from stroke and heart attack omega 3 fish oil is unbeatable. There is nothing more powerful on the market then omega 3 fish oil for heart disease prevention. Omega 3 fish oils are safe to take and enhance every aspect of the arterial walls. This is especially useful for cases where plaque build up on arterial walls has occurred. Once that build up breaks loose the harmful result is what is called thrombosis. Thrombosis occurs when a clot becomes stuck in the brain causing stoke in the victim. The clot can then block up an artery. When this happens the end result is often a heart attack.

Medial studies have confirmed that all of the above can be avoided with a daily intake of omega 3 fish oil supplements. The omega 3 fatty acids supplements break up any clots that might occur long before they can create damage.

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