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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Product Review of Arizona Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng: Serve Cold or Hot

If you are a green tea lover, you may want to check out a product that I recently found. Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng is one hundred percent natural tea! I decided to purchase this product, try it out and write a product review about it! Here is what I discovered!

I discovered Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng at my local grocery store, in the bottled tea section. It is also by the cola and soda section. This product caught my immediate attention! I have tried many different flavors and types of Arizona tea in the past. I was pretty pleased with them, overall. The things that I liked about this product are numerous! It comes in an already prepared and ready to drink form. It is affordable. I purchased a one gallon plastic jug of this green tea for around three dollars. You can find this product cheaper in other stores. This tea is a natural antioxidant and I liked that fact very much. Drinking green tea has become more and more popular, as we now know of many health benefits that it may give you! An antiox is also wise to add to your daily diet and drinking this tea makes it easier to do that, for me.

Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng’s jug is very attractive to look at! It has a bright blue label with pretty pink flowers on it. I also discovered that this tea has SueBee Premium Orange honey in it! SueBee is a very good tasting brand of honey, in my opinion! I was glad that this honey was in the green tea! This product has no preservatives in it! It also contains no artificial colors! Those facts are fantastic and thrilled me! I could not wait to try this tea and write a review about the experience. You must shake this tea well before pouring! You also must refrigerate this product, after opening it. When I tasted Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng, I was delighted! The taste was very good. I enjoyed it and it made me feel energized, thanks to the ginseng ingredient! The honey gives this beverage a wonderful and delicately sweet taste! I favor my green tea having honey in it, so this product was great for me to have on hand!

This product is America’s best selling ready to drink green tea. I can see why! I rate Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng four stars out of five stars. I will indeed be buying this product again very soon. It has green tea, for health, ginseng, for energy and honey, for a natural sweet taste! This green tea contains premium brewed green tea using filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, honey, citric acid, natural flavors, ginseng extract and vitamin C. There are sixteen servings in each one gallon jug. One serving is equal to an eight fl. ounce glass. You can also serve this product hot!

One serving of Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng has seventy calories in it. Zero of these calories are from fat! This product has zero grams of total fat, zero grams of saturated fat, zero mgs of cholesterol, ten mgs of sodium, eighteen grams of total carbs, zero grams of dietary fiber, seventeen grams of sugars and zero grams of protein. One serving contains twenty-five percent of my daily requirement of vitamin C! That is excellent! For more information about this product, you can visit, their web site! You can find Arizona Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng in most grocery stores and places that you buy ready to drink tea at! I enjoyed trying this product and writing a product review about it! Wether you serve this green tea cold or hot, it is a winner! Fat free tea and cholesterol free tea, you can’t beat that!

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